Injection molding quote process

Receive a quick, simple quote for your injection molding project and take your parts from concept to production in days.

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Injection Molding

Placing an injection molding quote

Placing your injection molding quote request is simple. We’re ready to help guide you through the process, and to provide input and insight into our manufacturing capabilities.

Add part example

Upload your design

Create a Fast Radius account, upload your CAD file and input your injection molding project specifications.

Thin wall example

Integrate DFM insight

Apply automated design for manufacturing (DFM) insight to optimize your project for quality and cost throughout the injection molding process.

White part

Receive your quote

We’ll provide your injection molding quote after a quick review. Your price will reflect your design specifications and your material, finishing, and inspection requirements.

What’s next?

Step 1

Once you’ve received your injection molding quote you’ll be able to begin production straight away.

Step 2

We’ll manufacture your parts to your specifications and apply any necessary inspections and checks.

Step 3

When your order is ready, we’ll package and ship your finished parts.

Get a quote for your injection molded parts

Create a Fast Radius account for rapid quotes on parts production.

Why choose Fast Radius for your injection molding?

Exceptional injection molded parts

Exceptional injection molded parts

We use cutting-edge injection molding technology and materials to create the highest quality parts for an array of commercial and industrial applications.

Industry Leading Experience

Industry-leading expertise

Work with a team of manufacturing and engineering experts throughout the injection molding process to take your project from concept to fulfillment.

World Economic Forum

Manufacturing innovation

Innovation powers our manufacturing. Fast Radius has been recognized as one of the planet’s most innovative factories by the World Economic Forum.


Global reach

A global network of production partners and logistics hubs ensures the fastest possible shipping times. Our partnership with UPS gives us the power to move products around the world with ease.

Factory of the Future

The factory of the future

The Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ combines digital design technology with the expertise of our team to make your project possible. 

End-to-end injection molding support

Rely on design and engineering support throughout the production process – from prototyping and production, through to shipping and re-ordering.


Take your parts from prototype to production. Tap into our expertise and insight to unlock manufacturing potential and make your injection molding project possible.


Use our injection molding technology to manage changing market demands and production needs.


Upload as many parts as you like, store them with us digitally, and then reorder whenever you need to. We make it easy to reconfigure any specifications.

Trusted by engineers across the globe


We transition from additive production to injection molding with our customers all the time, so we knew exactly how to approach design, manufacturing, and fulfillment to get our face shield to market quickly.

John Nanry Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder, Fast Radius


When you’re trying to create something new, it’s a huge advantage to have a true partner on your side. Fast Radius gave me the options I needed and had the resources to help me manufacture my product from start to finish.

Phillip Van Pelt CEO and Founder, Flip Rehab

Fast Radius manufacturing capabilities

Fast Radius manufacturing solutions serve the needs of businesses across the industrial landscape. Explore our capabilities:

3D printing

Fast, scalable, and cost-effective 3D printing technology for a variety of industrial applications.

CNC machining

Automated CNC turning and 3-axis and 5-axis milling, using rotating drills, end mills, and lathes.

Injection molding

Cost-effective plastic injection molding for precision, high-volume production runs.

Urethane casting

Versatile mold-casting for the production of urethane parts customizable with colors and textures.