Cast urethane parts

Create high quality plastic parts with speed, precision, and minimal tooling requirements

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Cast urethane parts

Order custom urethane parts

Cast urethane parts can be produced quickly and cost-effectively while achieving complex geometries and surface detail. During the casting process, urethane resin is poured into a silicone mold and then placed in a heated vacuum chamber to cure. The end result is a precise replica of the master part.

Order your cast urethane parts from Fast Radius quickly and easily: upload a CAD file to the Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform™, optimize your project with our expert engineers, and then move to production for delivery on demand.

To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, explore our full urethane casting service.

Our urethane casting process

A silicone mold is created around a master pattern part which may be 3D printed or CNC machined.

The silicone mold is filled with urethane casting resin and placed in a heated vacuum chamber until the resin is cured.

cast urethane parts

Once cured, the part is ejected from the mold as a 1:1 scale replica of the master pattern. If necessary, the part is ready for finishing and post-processing.

Urethane casting applications

Urethane parts are useful in a number of industrial applications, including:


The urethane casting process enables manufacturers to prototype varieties of size, strength, material, and color quickly and cost-effectively, before moving to production.

Aerospace and automotive

The flexibility of the urethane casting process makes it ideal for bridge tooling between the prototyping and production stages of the manufacturing process.

Joints casting

Urethane casting is ideal for manufacturing strong, durable mechanical joints with overlapping features.


The precision and consistency of urethane casting makes it particularly effective in the production of 3D logos and letters.

Why choose urethane casting for your parts?

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Turnaround times

The speed of the urethane casting process means that you can move from prototyping to production quickly, with lead times as low as 7 days for first articles, and 2 weeks for remaining parts.

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Low volume production

After initial tooling, the urethane casting process allows manufacturers to scale easily from cost-effective prototyping or single part production, to low volume production.

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Cast urethane parts can be manufactured with complex geometries and detail. The production process offers a range of finishing and post-processing options for greater customization potential.

Ease of alteration

The speed and flexibility of the urethane casting process means that manufacturers can implement alterations to their parts quickly and efficiently, with minimal tooling and labor requirements.

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Design considerations

Optimize your custom urethane parts with the following design considerations, and browse production materials, finishing, and post-processing options.

Urethane casting general process information
Maximum part size914.4 x 914.4 x 1828.8 mm
36.0 x 36.0 x 72.0 in
Note: Ability to break parts up into multiple segments to create an even larger assembly
Minimum feature size0.635 mm for features
0.025 in for features
1.016 mm wall thickness
0.040 in wall thickness
Best achievable tolerance0.005 in (0.127 mm) for first inch, followed by 0.003 in (0.0762 mm) per lineal inch cumulatively
Lead timeAs low as 7 days for first articles (FA)
After FA approval, as low as 2 weeks for remaining parts
Shore D materials
StandardHigh performanceFDAClear
ABS-like (80D)Nylon-Delrin like (84D)ABS-like (80A)Optical Clear (80D, water clear)
PE-like (65D)ABS-High Impact (78D)ABS-High Strength (85A)PC-like (84D, haze/pale yellow)
PC-like (84D)High Impact FR (UL-94V0) (85D)Hi Impact Class VI (85D)
PP-like (70D)Hi Temp (84D)
12 Sec burn (78D)
Shore D finishing and post-processing options
Part finishes
Glossy / polish
Custom finishing available
Shore A materials
ElastomersClear ElastomersSiliconesMedical silicones
Standard elastomers (15A-94A)Clear elastomer (45A, water clear)15A38A
High performance elastomers (15A-90A)Clear elastomer (65A, water clear)25A
Clear elastomer (70A, water clear)35A
Clear elastomer (90A, water clear)40A
Shore A finishing and post-processing options
Part finishes
Glossy / polish
Custom finishing available

Why choose Fast Radius for urethane casting?

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Quality manufacturing

We manufacture high quality cast urethane parts to meet customer needs across the industrial landscape.

Industry Leading Experience

Industry-leading expertise

Access a team of manufacturing and engineering experts that care about your project, and will work with you from concept to fulfillment.

World Economic Forum

Innovation and agility

Our urethane casting services are powered by innovation: the World Economic Forum has recognized Fast Radius as one of the most innovative factories in the world.


Global reach

A global network of production partners and logistics hubs ensures the fastest possible shipping times. Our partnership with UPS gives us the power to move products around the world with ease.

Factory of the Future

The factory of the future

The Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ combines digital design technology with cutting-edge expertise to make your projects possible.

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