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We empower teams all over the world to design, make, and move parts flexibly and efficiently. Now, we’re going further with Fast Radius Pro: the next step in our mission to make manufacturing smarter, easier, and faster.

Pro Early Access takes you beyond the cost, material, lead time and design insights of our standard service. Sign up to get premium DFM insights, compare materials and technologies, and share every detail with your team.

Fast Radius Pro is the beginning of a new software journey. We’re codifying a century of manufacturing knowledge to put the power of a virtual factory at your fingertips.

You can upgrade to Pro Early Access for free for a limited time.

Manufacturing intelligence
in a collaborative space

Early Access to more

Find out how Early Access to Fast Radius Pro can level up your manufacturing project in 2022 and beyond.

Unlock new tools instantly

Enhance your workflows with additional design checks and comparison tools. Explore the effects of different manufacturing specs and share insights fast with your team.

Exclusive for 2022

Explore new Pro features before anyone else. Upcoming releases this Fall/Winter include a growing list of design insights and collaboration tools.

Get 50% off Pro

Upgrade to Pro Early Access before December 31, 2022 to get 50% off* your Pro subscription when we launch to the general public in 2023.

*Discount is applicable for 2023 calendar year. See Terms & Conditions for details.

Key features

More design checks?

Quickly find ways to improve part designs and reduce costs with premium manufacturing insights. Get feedback on: draft angles, non-standard holes, supported surfaces, and surface imperfections.

Compare and configure

Be 100% sure the manufacturing specs you choose are right for every part you make. Fast Radius Pro helps you compare design configurations across cost, manufacturability, and lead time.

Take it to the team

Keep your team members and project stakeholders on the same page. It’s easy to create shareable reports showing DFM data, cost curves and more for every single part.

Compare all features

FreePro Early Access
Core DFM checksSee instant feedback on part designs so you can fix manufacturability issues before completing your order.YesYes
Premium DFM checksSee instant feedback on cost drivers and visual characteristics, like draft angles, non-standard holes, supported surfaces, and surface imperfections.NoYes
Comparison ToolCompare different part configurations to find the best cost, manufacturability and lead time for you.NoYes
Shareable Insights ReportGenerate reports showing your DFM data, cost curves, and more. Then share it all with your team.NoYes
Instant and manual quotingGet a price in seconds for additive and CNC parts. Request a manual quote for other projects.YesYes
Production status and trackingSee the status of your order at every stage of production, right up to shipping.YesYes
Unlimited cloud storageAccess your manufacturing data from anywhere with secure and seamless storage in the cloud.YesYes
SecurityProtect your Fast Radius account, IP, and personal data at all times with SSO security.YesYes

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How much does Pro Early Access cost?

Pro Early Access is completely free, and will remain free until at least the end of 2022. We will not collect your credit card details when you upgrade to Pro Early Access.

If I upgrade to Pro Early Access, will I be converted to a Fast Radius Pro account automatically when it launches?

No, you will not be automatically converted to a Fast Radius Pro account when it launches. Before the launch, we’ll send you more details on how to become a paid Fast Radius Pro subscriber, if that’s what you want to do. There will be no requirement to subscribe to Fast Radius Pro at launch and if you choose not to subscribe, your account will revert back to the Free version.

What features will Pro Early Access include?

Pro Early Access will include a set of digital manufacturing tools to help you level up your manufacturing projects. You’ll have access to Premium DFM checks, our design configuration Comparison Tool, and detailed part Feasibility Reports that you can share with your team.

When will Fast Radius Pro be available?

We’re targeting a Q1 2023 launch for Fast Radius Pro. We’ll be releasing more details on the launch in the coming weeks.

What features will be in Fast Radius Pro?

Building on the features included in Pro Early Access, Fast Radius Pro will provide a set of powerful digital tools, including new manufacturing insights and design intelligence, to transform your workflows. Following launch, Fast Radius Pro will continue to grow as we incorporate new innovations to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in an evolving industrial landscape.

How much will Fast Radius Pro cost?

Fast Radius Pro will be a paid subscription service with more info to be released in the coming weeks. Fast Radius Free will remain a free service.

Can you explain more about the 50% off subscription deal?

If you sign up for Pro Early Access before December 31, 2022, you’ll be eligible for 50% off a Fast Radius Pro subscription which will apply from the date on which the service launches, through the remainder of the 2023 calendar year. The 50% discount is valid for all subscription plans (i.e, billed monthly or billed annually).

Does this mean I’ll have to pay if I want access to things like Premium DFM checks, the Comparison Tool and Feasibility Report when Pro Early Access ends?

When Pro Early Access ends, the features offered in Fast Radius Pro, which include Premium DFM checks, the Comparison Tool, and Feasibility Reports, will require a paid subscription. We’re constantly evaluating how we deliver the most value for our customers and we’ll continue to use your feedback to ensure you have the tools you need to make your projects possible.

Will Pro be the only tier? Will there be more tiers later?

Fast Radius Pro is the next step in our software journey and will expand in 2023 and beyond to include more cutting-edge features and functionalities that make your manufacturing workflows smarter, easier, and faster. We’re always looking for better ways to meet our customers’ manufacturing needs: remember to check in to stay up to date with the latest Fast Radius news.

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