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Curtiss had big plans to make an electric motorcycle unlike anything the world had ever seen. Fast Radius had comprehensive multi-process manufacturing solutions to make it possible.


Prototyping a game-changing electric motorcycle with advanced manufacturing

Curtiss envisioned a revolutionary electric motorcycle, but struggled to find a manufacturing partner up to the challenge.

Curtiss designed an electric motorcycle unlike anything the world had ever seen, and they needed to unveil a prototype quickly. Fast Radius made their vision possible with multi-process manufacturing solutions. 

The Zeus 8 is an exceptionally beautiful bike. It has a sweeping chromoly frame and eight banks of sleek, visible battery cylinders. However beautiful, these large, complex parts proved difficult to manufacture. Curtiss’ CNC suppliers quoted long lead times and had trouble delivering on the uncompromising design and quality requirements. With the Zeus 8 launch event approaching, Curtiss needed a partner who could get the unique bike into production immediately.

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We work with Fast Radius because they push us toward the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We’re creating the most advanced motorcycles the world has ever seen, and Fast Radius is committed to making our vision a reality.

H. Matthew Chambers CEO and Chairman, Curtiss Motorcycles


Advanced manufacturing expertise and next-level operational efficiency

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1. Enhancing manufacturability

Fast Radius’s expert application engineers worked with Curtiss to optimize their designs for advanced manufacturing technology. Most CNC machines can’t create the large, sleek parts that make the Zeus 8 so distinctive, and making and assembling smaller pieces into a larger part wouldn’t give the bike the desired polished, dramatic look. The engineers at Fast Radius worked closely with Curtiss to solve this challenge. Together, they created manufacturable parts that still adhered to Curtiss’ high design standard.

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2. Multi-process manufacturing

Fast Radius evaluated each component separately, and quickly determined that the Zeus could be made most efficiently with a multi-process manufacturing approach.  The method used for the larger parts—in this case 5-axis CNC milling—wouldn’t make sense for the motorcycle’s many smaller parts. Rather than pushing Curtiss toward a single manufacturing process, the Fast Radius team evaluated all of the part requirements and created a solution comprising three separate production processes, including both legacy and additive methods.

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3. Operational efficiency

After Curtiss and Fast Radius completed designs and chose the appropriate technology for each part, they immediately moved into production to meet Curtiss’ approaching deadline. Thanks to their lean manufacturing model and project management expertise, Fast Radius produced the parts in just 12 days, two days faster than any other supplier could offer. For the Zeus 8, Fast Radius produced 60 parts and components that maintained better than 95% first-pass yield, eliminating the need for costly part revisions.

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4. The future of electric motorcycles

Curtiss is eager to innovate further with Fast Radius. The two companies are engaged in an ongoing partnership to make parts for the entire Curtiss line of luxury electric motorcycles.  Fast Radius will continue to bring Curtiss’ show-stopping designs to life with the most innovative manufacturing methods available.


Groundbreaking electric motorcycles made possible by multi-process manufacturing



12 day

production time


first-pass yield


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